About US

The Bad Credit UK site has been built to assist others in the UK who have shared the same experience of bad credit as we have.

Like many young adults growing up, I got myself into some debt and didn't really worry about it for some time. I would always pay the minimum amounts off and figured that one day I would have it all paid off at some point.Then I moved overseas for three years and just left my debts in the UK.

This was the worst thing I could do, as I found out later in my life. Due to not keeping up with the credit card bills while I was living abroad, eventually the credit card got passed to a debt collecting company. I eventually got it all sorted with them, but by then it was to late and I had a bad mark on my credit record.

Now that I'm older and would like to buy a house my lending options are limited. At first I thought they were hopeless and that I would never be able to buy my own home.

After a lot of research I found that I actually did have some good options and that my dream of owning a home would come true.There are probably many others out there who have a similar story and so I want them to have a place find more information about this from what I learned.